RiskyPassage and the Wetsocks team use this space to bring you detailed descriptions of outdoor adventures. We include downloadable maps, gps track files, photographs, and prose descriptions so that you can reproduce our adventure and make it your own.

Included in our pages are links to products that we personally own or have borrowed and are using during an adventure. No products make it on these pages that have not been personally tested by the Wetsocks adventure team.

There are only three categories on this blog: “Like A Pro” gives you details on skills you need to enjoy your adventures and to impress your friends.  “Know Where to Go” contains posts that give you extensive details about the location of the particular adventure, and “Boat Trails” contain posts that give you detailed maps, charts, Google Earth KML files, GPS track files, and text descriptions for some of the beautiful but dangerous to travel fishing and boating locations along the Florida coastline.  Each posting references “Like A Pro” posts, recommends needed equipment, and provides all the information needed to complete the adventure you have selected.

Enjoy your adventures and make sure you add your comments so our team can improve.

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