Remembering My Latest Adventures

In the last few years I’ve been busy traveling around and have enjoyed quite a few adventures. I’d like to briefly document the most memorable outings.

May 2011 – Bicycle tour of Arizona and Utah where I flew into Phoenix with my bike and gear and rode through the mountains to the east of Phoenix, along the Mogollon Rim, around the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Arches, and finished in Grand Junction, Colorado.

April 2012 – Bicycle tour with Dianne around Central Florida. We visited our Mothers and confirmed how congested Florida road can be.

June 2012 – Bicycle tour on the Great Divide Mountain Bike route. I rode from Banff, Alberta to Gunnison, Colorado. I bailed out in Gunnison due to lack of mental stamina. I just got tired of sleeping in the dirt and was bored being by myself all the time.

July 2013 – Bicycle tour on the Great Divide Mountain Bike route. This time starting in Kalispel, Montana with the goal of using the ride from Kalispel to Denver as a training ride to build fitness for an attempt on the Colorado Trail.

August 2013 – Bicycle tour on the Colorado Trail from Denver to Salida. The trail is very difficult and nothing more than a hiking trail. Bikes are not well suited for this trail and I quit in Salida because of a lack of mental stamina and a sore knee.

November 2013 – Three days in Vegas to attend a Canyoneering Leadership Training program in Red Rocks.

May 2014 – Drive out to Zion with canyoneering and climbing gear. Met Felicia, Hank Moon, and Edmund. Did a few canyons but came home early because of lack of partners and mental stamina.

October 2014 – Fly to Zion to canyoneer with Edmund, Jeff, and Josh. We do a few good ones and I learn to not trust Jeff or Josh.

May 2015 – Drive out to Zion for more canyons but the weather does not cooperate, I meet the Olsen brothers and Edmund comes out for a few canyons.

June 2015 – Bicycle tour Olympic Peninsula with Sarah. I meet Sarah through CrazyGuyOnABike and we do a 10 day tour to see if we are compatible for a longer trip to Chile. Everything goes well.

September 2015 – Bicycle tour with Dianne for two months in New Zealand. Fantastic and difficult. Travel is much more fun with Dianne.

January 2016 – Bicycle tour with Sarah and Muck to Argentina and Chile. Ride from Ushuaia to Santiago. Never ride north!! We split after two weeks and I didn’t enjoy being alone all the time but the adventure was worth the effort.

May 2016 – Fly to Zion and Capitol Reef. The Olsen brothers invited me to Capitol Reef and I was happy to go. They were great hosts. Met Edmund and Jeff in Zion for five days of canyons and the amazing Crawford Arch hike. Then did Boundary with Kyle Knight.