Bicycle Tour of Arizona and Utah: May 2011

The much anticipated bike tour is actually going to happen. Even to my own surprise the plane tickets have been purchased, the route has been planned, the equipment is ready to go. I’m not sure if I’m mentally ready to slow down and enjoy the road. But let’s give it a try.

My daily journal is to be hosted by CrazyGuyOnABike.

Here is a link to a document that describes proposed day by day distances and camping/motel spots
Day by Day distances

Here are several Google Maps that document the planned route. This route has been selected from the warm softness of my couch and is probably impossible to accomplish, especially the dirt sections.

Phoenix to Woods Canyon Lake

Woods Canyon Lake to Flagstaff, AZ

Flagstaff to North Rim Grand Canyon

North Rim to Springdale, UT

Springdale, UT to Cannonville, UT

Cannonville to Bryce Canyon NP

Bryce Canyon NP to Capital Reef NP

Capital Reef to Moab

Moab to Canyonlands National Park

Moab to Arches National Park

Moab to Grand Junction, CO