Trail To Trail Bicycle Race 2010 (Craig’s report)

Casey, Dianne, Ken, and Craig made the trip to Santos and competed in the 2010 edition of the “Trail To Trail.” Ken proved to be the dominant cyclist and easily destroyed the rest of team Wetsocks. Congratulations to Ken for riding strong this entire year. I’m not sure what he has been doing differently than in previous years but what ever it is he should stick with it.

If you don’t already know, the “Trail To Trail” is a race designed to unify the cycling world by having both mountain bike and road bike sections. This years course was an eight mile mountain loop, three eleven mile road loops, and then a final run on the same mountain bike loop. The mountain bike loop was about 50% twisty, rocky, climby madness and 50% twisty, fast, sandy fun. The road bike loop had some hills and was deceptively difficult. The roads were not the best and finding other riders to draft was very difficult.  This race is run by “” and they do a great job with all their races.

Ken wasn’t challenged by the likes of this group. He was five minutes in the lead after the first mountain loop, held his lead through three unaided road loops, and then poured on the power on the last mountain loop to stretch his lead to over fifteen minutes. For his effort he easily won his division and the bragging rights for being the best all around cyclist any of us know.

Casey and Dianne teamed up and competed in the co-ed team division. Casey was solid during his two mountain bike laps and won respect from Ken and Craig by doing them both on a 29er single speed! Damn! Casey tumbled down a cliff on the first lap and had his rear wheel drop off on the second lap and he was still able to stay in front of Craig.

Dianne rode three fast road bike laps and even took the time to drop and then recover her team’s relay baton. Craig caught her during the first road bike leg as she was digging in the bushes on the side of the road.

Craig did all he could do but was not even in the same league as either Ken or Casey. He claims to have been caught behind a bunch of slow riders on the first mountain bike loop, held up by Dianne as she searched for her baton, and then blamed Dianne for knocking him to the ground on the last road bike loop. Craig has the road rash to prove that he hit the asphalt but I’m not too sure that Dianne had anything to do with his problems.

It was as much fun as always but we missed all the no-shows and hope to get you back in the action soon.

Here are a few blurry pictures taken during the event.

Casey and Dianne talking strategy
Mass Start
Ken finishing
Casey finishing

Craig finishing
Ken on the podium
Craig explaining his road bike disaster
Trying to figure out how Casey's wheel fell off